Lumsden Law is dedicated to protecting your legacy

As a young professional, hospitality was a great fit for my personality. Through the years I have built a reputation as a leader who crushes goals, adds value, and creates lasting relationships along the way. The job was never just about me. I have had the privilege of leading dynamic teams of amazing individuals and have seen them flourish through some of our nation’s most recent trying financial times. Through their success and dedication, our clients flourished as well.

While I enjoyed my work, I eventually tired of making money for large corporations and decided it was time to help the individuals who really need it, and Lumsden Law was born. Walking away from hospitality was hard, but once I created my first estate plan I never looked back, realizing how my skills would translate to my clients’ success.


What Makes Us Unique


Our relationship-​driven philosophy ​translates to the excellent​ service you deserve. ​


We ensure that your matter is executed timely and concisely, the way legal services should be


Our reviews, ratings, and testimonials speak for themselves. We stay up-to-date on current developments to better assist you

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, personalized estate planning solutions that empower individuals and families to protect their assets, preserve their legacies, and ensure peace of mind for generations to come.

We deliver​ tailored strategies that reflect each client's unique circumstances and values while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

We believe in treating others as we wish to be treated: with empathy, compassion, and respect. This guides the relationships we develop with potential clients, active clients, former clients, referral sources, and other business partners.  It is of utmost importance that we remember this rule and let it guide us as we help families navigate life and estate planning.

While our work demands that we counsel clients and families through difficult decisions and transitions that are beyond our control, we can control the experience they have working with our firm. From the first call to the end of our attorney-client relationship, and beyond, we are actively improving our process to make the client experience as economical, educational, and convenient for our clients as possible.

All members of our team approach our work with pride and integrity.  Our team is ever committed to providing the highest quality legal services in every case, big or small.  We employ modern technology and spend countless hours continuing our education to ensure that we provide consistent quality.  We are committed to staying current on changes in the law and practice norms, including new and innovative techniques.

No two families are exactly the same, and no individual or family’s situation is identical to any other. We approach each case with this in mind, and spend extra time and energy familiarizing ourselves with a client’s unique situation. Often a client’s desire for simplicity in planning can produce unintended, detrimental results. Our role is as advisor and educator, as it is as important to establish a good plan as it is for our client to understand and appreciate what they have done. We  are committed to a team approach to wise planning, establishing strong relationships with other professionals, such as financial advisors, tax experts, long-term care specialists, mediators, and care managers.

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